Asgard Deluxe Slots

When you thought you witnessed and played the best of Asgard, Real-Time Gaming comes around with a bigger and better version with Asgard Deluxe. The Deluxe version takes the spirit of Valhalla to a brand new level, which equals rewards and fun for you on an epic scale.

Real-Time Gaming Shoots For The Heavens

Yes, Real-Time Gaming expands beyond the normal earthly realms by heading into the virtual heavens. Who knows how great Real-Time Gaming figured the original Asgard game would be, but boy did it hit a home run with this monumental five-reel game that brought forth a near cinematic-like experience. The hallmark of the original Asgard title was the epic bonus rounds, which continue in the sequel. Asgard Deluxe embodies all the bright and rewarding notions that Real-Time Gaming stands for. You can check flawless graphics and fluid gameplay in the appropriate column. Asgard Deluxe also incorporates complex and lucrative bonus rounds, which are other Real-Time Gaming trademarks.

Practice Among The Nine Realms

Asgard consists of nine realms. That’s a lot to take in. But you can take your time to get to know all of the dimensions of Asgard Deluxe with practice play.

Witness The Power Of A Virtual Heaven

Asgard Deluxe reinvents the gaming map and doesn’t serve as a distant shadow to the first game. For starters, Asgard Deluxe overhauls the look with a more crisp and pleasing visual interface. Asgard Deluxe takes place on a gorgeous backdrop where the celestial colors of the universe collide for your winning pleasure. There are planets and the vaulted kingdom of Valhalla in the background. Asgard Deluxe also reinvents the main Norse Gods. We told you that this game is a total overhaul, but the fun and the rewards remain the same.

The Game Design Is Down To Earth

While you might be playing among the stars, Asgard Deluxe remains down to Earth with all the essential game functions to come out on top and ahead. The pay lines arrows allow you to ascend into the stars or you can remain firmly grounded on Earth by doing less. We will touch on the pay lines shortly, but Asgard Deluxe also features an opportune coin value system to go with an autoplay feature if you wish to play the game through autoplay mode. You can work the manual method if you like, or you can further adjust the game settings through the options button.

Asgard Deluxe Empowers You

Yes, Asgard Deluxe empowers you when you play. It doesn’t matter if you play during the regular game mode or through the revitalized bonus rounds because you stand a great chance of winning epically. Asgard Deluxe’s traditional gameplay is potent enough to be a complete slot game, but it doesn’t stop there. The legendary bonus rounds that keep reverberating from the first game are retooled and serve to help you win on a higher and grander level.

Odin Commands You To Take Command Of The Pay Lines

Asgard Deluxe runs wild with 243 pay lines that are a gift from the Gods. Again, the power of the pay lines comes into play. You can reach for the stars by wagering on the whole 243 pay lines. Perhaps this will appease the father gods, or you can take a more gentle approach and place your claims on lesser pay lines to build up your courage.

Running Through The Cosmos With The Bet

Asgard Deluxe rises to the occasion with a reliable cash bet system. Going from A to Z with Asgard Deluxe is no problem because it welcomes bets from a penny to dollar values.

Full Steam Ahead In The Paytable

Asgard Deluxe comes out the gate swinging with a great paytable. All the wonders and atmosphere collide with the shield as the wild symbol. This battle-forged symbol stands tall and proud and is ready to go to war by doubling winning combinations. Asgard Deluxe also boasts a unique, bursting wilds symbol that manifests during the bonus rounds. Don’t worry. We will touch upon all of these exciting and rewarding features in due time.

Father Odin reigns supreme on the game reels. Should the gods show you a favor by getting five of Odin on the reels, you will receive 500 credits. Not too far behind Odin is Thor. Thor stands tall and proud with 450 credits. His dark godbrother Loki is here to stay with 400 credits. The Viking woman is a sight for sore eyes with 350 credits. The legendary castle and Viking ship complete the ascension, while the significant card numbers round out the remaining Asgard Symbols. By keeping the gaming symbols light, Asgard Deluxe increases your chances of winning something big.

Bonus Glory Awaits

Asgard Deluxe raises the crescendo through the bursting wilds. Asgard Deluxe rewards you with a bursting feature during the free spins mode when the regular shield wild graces the third reel. In other words, good times lie ahead for your winning troubles. One good bonus deserves another. Asgard Deluxe raises winning expectations with the random wilds feature. Here, up to four reels are covered with shields which translate to glorious winning power. The ultimate heavenly glory rests with the progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin.

Release The Free Spins Kraken

Eternal rewards await with the free spins round. This epic foray commences with the trifecta of the scatter symbol to launch the free spins round. If you have the fortune of playing in the free spins round, you will start with copious amounts of free spins with many ways to play them. The first choice involves 15 free spins with a triple winning multiplier, with the second option increasing the bounty with 20 free spins but only a smaller winning multiplier. The other options involve 30 free spins.

A Generous Return To Player

Asgard Deluxe offers a generous return to player. Remember, when you play with Real-Time Gaming, you are playing with a legendary return to player ratio.

Enjoy The Rating

Asgard Deluxe works overtime with a particular rating that works wonders for you. Asgard Deluxe is praised and worshiped among internet review sites.

Many Ways To Skin A Cat

You can go at Asgard Deluxe alone, or you can cash in with the numerous casino promotions. You also have the option of no deposit bonuses to give it a go with Asgard Deluxe.

Having Fun With The Elite

Please don’t forget to have some fun by playing Asgard Deluxe in the practice mode.

Real Money Is Required

Asgard Deluxe is firmly in the annals of Real-Time Gaming casinos. These same casinos offer swift deposit options to get you through the door.

Your Phone Is Begging For Gaming Action

Asgard Deluxe doesn’t keep you, prisoner on your home computer. You can take this phenomenal game with you on a mobile device.