There are many exciting tournaments available for casino players. These tournaments are not just a chance to have fun, but also a way to see if you have what it takes to compete with the "big boys and girls." Only the results on the leaderboard will be able to show how well you are doing. Making it onto the leaderboard for some of these tournaments will give you instant rights to brag to your family and friends. There are various tournaments to enjoy such as daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Players will be able to experience freeroll tournaments at their finest.

Getting Started To Play Tournaments

Everyone interested in participating in Casino Brango tournaments will first need to sign up and make a deposit. They can choose many different payment methods to deposit into the player's casino account using the Cashier. Keep in mind that to play tournaments, the casino member must download the software, and it is only by doing so they will be able to access the tournaments after downloading the Casino Brango software. The player will also need to sign up on the tournaments tab with an alias name before they can start playing in the tournaments section. This alias will look great at the top of the leaderboard when you win.

The casino does have a list of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for slots, table and card games. For example, members can enjoy Blackjack or Video Poker tournaments. Keep in mind that these tournaments are fun, but they are quite competitive when people are playing for the Prize Pool or Pot money. Tournaments are not for those who do not care about winning, and the bragging rights which go along with a tournament win.

Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments

There are tournaments which are available each day at Casino Brango, which are called Daily Freeroll Tournaments. These are the tournaments which are not to be missed. They all include a Prize Pool to be won at the end, and the Prize Pool is doled out after the tournament points are calculated. There is no buy-in for some of these Daily Freeroll Tournaments when playing here at Casino Brango. Some of the games which have tournaments are Texan Tycoon, Achilles, Gold Beard, Pay Dirt!, Triple Twister, White Rhino and Count Spectacular. You can play every day that they are offered.

Weekly Tournaments

The second type of tournaments at Casino Brango are Weekly Tournaments. The current weekly tournament is called the Winner Takes All Tournament. These weekly tournaments will often begin on Monday and run through the week. There is a buy-in amount of $0.10 which is very affordable for a chance to win. The Prize Pool for weekly tournaments is between $90 to $100. Some of the weekly slot tournaments include White Rhino, Naughty or Nice, and Coyote Cash slots games.

Monthly Tournaments

The third type of tournaments are the monthly tournaments. The monthly tournaments are very popular, and as you can imagine, there is a larger prize amount. These tournaments begin on the first day of the month, and continue until the last day of the month. The current monthly tournament is called the BRANGO 100 Tournament. There is no buy in for the monthly tournament, and players can look forward to their share of a Prize Pool worth $1000. An example of an online RTG slots game with a monthly tournament is Count Spectacular Slots.

Freeroll Tournaments

The most common style of tournament inside of the daily, weekly and monthly tournaments are the freeroll tournaments. Freerolls are very popular at Casino Brango. They are used to describe tournaments in which casino members do not have to make a payment or buy-in to enter the tournament. There is a Casino Brango Prize Pool or prize for those who have the top spots on the leaderboard for freerolls. The Prize Pool is shared with players, and it is not progressive, but a set prize to win. The buy-in is used to describe a style of tournament, which is opposite to freerolls. The casino will let players know how much is the buy in as the amount to enter the tournament costs. Casino Brango freerolls are the way to go if someone is looking to win the pot on a daily basis. Freerolls are a great investment, because a player can choose one of these from the tournaments page on a daily basis.

Play Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments Mobile Now

This is just an example of some of the tournaments you will enjoy while at Casino Brango. There is so much more to discover. You can get started when you download the software and play all of these Casino Brango tournaments. Just imagine the many chances you will have to win the Pot.