Giant Fortunes Slots

When you play Giant Fortunes, you'll find yourself in the middle of a charming valley. There's a village there too, and it all feels rather relaxing. We didn't see a giant, but could that word be used in a different way? Let's see what the game holds in store for us below.

Examining the format for Giant Fortunes

The game offers five reels to spin, along with 25 fixed lines. That means you need to cover the lot whenever you play.

Betting options to look at in the slot game

You can start from a penny on each line, giving the 25-cent minimum bet. You've also got other coins to consider, ranging up to $25 each.

Is there a giant to search for in the game?

There is, and he's a wild giant. He can appear on the middle three reels of the game. He also replaces all but one of the other symbols, the exception being the gem. This is used as a mystery symbol.

What is the mystery symbol all about in Giant Fortunes?

Good question - and you'll want to get as many as possible arriving in the same spin to find the answer. With one or more in view, they'll all transform into the same icon. You will then be rewarded with all relevant prizes.

If you get gems on each of the middle reels, five bonus spins come your way. These work differently to regular spins because the gems are limited to reels two, three, and four. However, they appear as a singular giant icon. Watch for gems to appear in other positions too, as this could trigger some impressive wins from those gems.

Giant Fortunes turned into a game we weren't expecting

Who can resist giant symbols appearing in any game? They tie in nicely with the theme here, offering you the chance to find some brilliant prize potential throughout the game. The giant is also excellent to find as he can improve your chances of receiving one or more prizes as the wild.

Will this be one of the biggest games you'll try this year - in several ways? Load the practice game for Giant Fortunes today to get a sense of what's happening.