Light Speed Slots

There are so many classic history-themed slots - but given these are computer slots I spend a lot of time hoping for more sci-fi-based ones, and this game delivered on that wish. This beautiful sci-fi game is without a doubt worth it. The design is all about all things the future - aliens, technology, light speed, and other concepts we as a culture have often focused on.

However, this is an old-school and more simple slot. It's displayed on a silver background with colorful blue, green, and silver designs. This game features a progressive slot machine jackpot, and it's awarded during the Light Speed's bonus game. Only players who wager the maximum bet of $2.25 are eligible. This jackpot is awarded when you trigger seven light speed symbol meters on the screen, and three laser gun symbols are triggered onto the pay line.


The three reels are simple and include little photos on the side that look like cartoonish stickers. The alien head is the alien head everyone is most familiar with - green with big eyes and a large forehead. The laser gun looks like it was plucked straight from a 90s video game matching that subject - and many of us are fond of these old-school yet futuristic themed graphics in the 2024s. I know at least I am for sure - so I liked the display of this game in a vintage way. Other symbols include stars and more, the 90s video game quality is carried throughout the entire design of the game, and on the side, you'll find Nintendo-style text explaining different aspects of the slot as you play it. You might crave some old-school video games after playing this slot and have to take a trip to GameStop and looked in the used section - because that's what the game evoked for me.

Playing Rules

This game is a minimalist game of three reels. it's alien-themed which is my favorite theme possibly ever. You can play anywhere from 0.25 cents to 0.75 cents. The symbols on this board are very traditional sci-fi-themed sort of icons - alien, earth, a spaceship, a star, and a laser gun. The wild symbol is the robot, and the robot substitutes regular symbols to complete a winning combination. Light Speed has a bonus feature available for people who bet the maximum, and it'll appear as the Light Speed Meter. When the light speed symbol appears in a spin, the meter will increase by one bar up to a maximum of 7 bars. The meter is reset when the players trigger a winning combination on the reels. Each bar on the Light Speed meter represents a multiplier which can be anywhere from x1 to an enormous x7. These graphics are old-school but sci-fi and futuristic, which has an adorable quality. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this throwback reel and it's vintage quality. It's simple for those users who might find a five-reel slot too complicated.