Goblin's Treasure Slots

Goblin's Treasure Slots has a monstrous theme, with creative symbols and bright colors. Lovers of fantasy games will adore this fun slot. The art is next level, and I loved it as a lover of fantasy-type games, anything with this kind of theme always gets me interested. So dive into these goblin's treasures! The background of this game features firey lava and orange skies, guarded by an underworld of ghoulish goblins and other terrifying creatures.

Layout, Format, and Reel Symbols

This game has 5 reels with a total of 25 pay lines, two random jackpots, and x5 multiplying wilds, plus free games that offer a win-win feature. The goblins offer the user a lot, and I personally really thought this slot was worth my time for the theme alone. This reel is some sort of steel boxed dungeon, and each symbol within it is very unique and well animated. It includes magical mushrooms, a helmet, buckler and sword, the goblin himself, a castle, a dragon, a treasure chest, and valuable jewelry. All of this theme is taken from the fairytales you might remember as a child - at least I do. Ask someone when the last time they thought about a goblin was?

How To Play, Scatters and Wild Symbols

This slots wagering is basic. It can be anywhere from 0.01 cents per line to 5 dollars per line, which makes this game a 125$ maximum bet, which is a decent range in my humble opinion. You can adjust the paylines to bet as little or as much as you want. You can manually spin or auto spin depending on your preference - I'm an auto spin type of person all the way, so that's what I ended up doing. I thought the sound effects were also well designed and nice. The Goblins act as a substitute for all other symbols on the reel, and they appear on reel 1. Your total prize is multiplied by the number of goblins displayed on the actual icon itself. In addition to that, there is a substitute symbol on reel 5, but it doesn't substitute scatters or goblin wilds. The goblin castle is the scatter for this game, and it multiplies the winnings according to the initial bet's value.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

This grand prize can be triggered at any moment during regular gameplay. What's unique about this slot is it features a minor and major jackpot with separate values, which I haven't seen in a lot of virtual slot games. When a goblin rears its ugly head on reel 1 and a treasure chest is triggered on reel 5, you've unlocked the awesome Free Games Feature. In this feature, you can re-trigger it up to 10 times. After the free game round is over, the Win-Win Feature is activated, but only if the winnings of the free game are 10x the initial bet or less. This generous bonus round pays out a total of 1000x per bet.