Phantom of the Opera Slots

Phantom Of The Opera is one of my favorite movies - so I was drawn to the Phantom Of The Opera slot without a doubt. I love the aesthetic, the visuals, and the theme of this slot. Lovers of gothic romance, dark musical tales, and more will love it without a doubt. Given this slot is based around music, you should expect the sound effects and features to be wonderful - and you'd be right.

Background, Coin Size, and More Specifics

This game screen is dark, attractive, and gothic. Like I said - I am a huge Phantom of the opera fan and I loved how much this slot draws straight from the beautiful cinematic version of this slot. There's a theatre element and more. You can set your coin size, you can also use auto-play if you become impatient during manual spins - I hate manually spinning so if a slot doesn't have autoplay I almost don't bother. There is a regular spin if you are more new to slots or want to supervise every single slot. This has 5 reels as to be expected and you can wager anything from 0.01 cents to 5 whole dollars per line

Scatters, Multipliers, and More Awesome Details

The game symbols are heavily based on the popular movie - so definitely have fun and watch the game while you play this slot. Most of these visuals are straight from the movie and story. You can expect the typical symbols from the movie throughout, Christine herself, the beautiful hero of the story, sheet music was written by the phantom himself, a scarlet rose, and other very pleasing aesthetics. For this game, the wild is the game logo and can replace up to five symbols. The scatter in this is the phantom's mask, and can give you 5, 10, or 15 spins with an x3 multiplier. To trigger this bonus game, you'll need to collect three or more special symbols. If you trigger one of the 20 active lines with a 5 of a kind match then you'll trigger the awesome jackpot. This game also offers an excellent letter bonus feature and is triggered randomly to equal your initial bet multiplied by twenty.

If You Don't Love Opera, Musicals, Or At Least The Phantom Of The Opera Story, Don't Bother

This game is specifically aimed at a certain type of person - for the Phantom Of The Opera mega fan. Luckily, that is me. You will appreciate every detail of it, the sound effects and organ noises are everything you'd want. Some more morbid fans such as myself find Phantom Of The Opera a darkly romantic story - and it's a creative slot concept. I don't think this is the only Phantom Of The Opera Virtual slot out there, but this could be one of the better ones without a doubt. The bonuses and scatters were decent, the jackpot was as to be expected. Overall, you'd play this slot for the theme.