Pharaoh's Gold Slots

We all want to dive our hands into the pharaoh's gold and treasures. I've fantasized more than once about escaping into the hot sands of Egpyt, roaming through the gorgeous sandstone tombs that are still a mystery in so many ways. I think this theme is most intriguing to us because of the mystery and allure their culture offers us. We often are drawn into what we don't understand, or what captures our imagination with possibilities. My love of Egyptian culture goes far back - from the moment I heard about them as a kid to all the far-out theories now. (You'd be lying if you said you didn't dive into the idea aliens build the pyramids more than once! Or maybe that's just me) These are some of the many and varied reasons this theme is often used over and over. Egypt isn't an unfamiliar slot theme by any means, it's fairly common and often duplicated by different companies. However, Real Time Gaming is a reliable company, their software often never glitches or fails me, and if it does it's a rare occurrence. Just because there are a lot of Egyptian slot options. however, that doesn't take away the value of a good Egyptian slot - while my favorites are often the Cleopatra one's I still enjoyed this more simple one themed after the Pharaoh - any pharaoh I guess!

A Simple Slot Format and The Progressive Jackpot

This game is simpler than many other slots - with even fewer reels than usual. Some might prefer this - though I'm not sure if the amount of reels changes the stakes or chances of winning. It does a throwback to the original slot design I used to think about when I would think about vegas slots - it's a three-reel design with a single pay line. This game also offers a progressive slot machine jackpot. The layout should take almost no time to learn - which is the benefit of a more simple slot in comparison to a fancier slot. The vintage graphics have an adorable quality to them unmatched. For this game, to win the progressive jackpot you have to trigger three sarcophagi (mask) symbols!

The Wilds Features

This game is straightforward - no business and to the point. The pharaoh's gold slot machine is perfect for beginners who want to play a slot without any confusion. I think most Real Time Gaming slots are easy to use - but that could just be because I'm a more experienced slot player. Someone who is less tech-savvy and just starting would love this. There are three regular symbols, the green cobra, the Pharoah, and the scarab symbol. The payout if you are lucky enough to trigger them three times - except for the green cobra which pays out for two symbols on the pay line. The wild symbol is the epic Eye of Horus but isn't a multiplier this time. It can appear anywhere on this slot machine and substitute any other symbols on the slot