IRIS 3000 Slots

I.R.I.S 3000 is a hazardous slot with a nuclear theme! Definitely an original concept, this game features bright green computer screens in a rust-colored faculty. Something about this game is sci-fi yet dark and ominous, perhaps dark because this slot is oddly realistic. It's formatted in a creative and immersive way. It has 5 starting reels and the design is vintage yet technical. It reminds me a lot of the video game Fallout, I mean that affectionately. It's like playing a slot in Fallout. As if your character took a break mid exploring the toxic desert full of mutated creatures to play a slot. This nuclear submarine slot is a creative and intriguing theme. I've yet to see another virtual slot with this specific theme in my experience playing these games.

Symbols, Betting

This game pay is located above the game reels and includes yellow nuclear logos, green nuclear logos, flames, single gold bars, double gold bars, triple gold bars, and yellow warning triangles. They went all out with the nuclear machine theme for this. The coin size is 0.50 cents with a maximum bet of 1.50$ and this game only has one pay line. I suggest playing the maximum bet because you can't trigger all the special features without it.

Special Features, and Other Goodies

This slot has seven different reels, but you start with only five. You can select or deselect which five reels you'd like to use by clicking on the number buttons located on the virtual machine operating board. You either close or open the door over each reel. Like most slots, to trigger a win you have to play with multiple coins on each spin, and match five of the same symbols, which sound simple enough. When you play with multiple coins you'll trigger other gameplay features that wouldn't be available otherwise. If you play with two quarters, you'll spot a red laser beam moving across each door as you spin the reels. The laser beam will stop over one of the closed doors, then the door will open and give you another reel to play with. If you play with three coins, the same thing happens except there are two laser beams to open an additional door. If you have more than five reels open, then you're lucky enough to trigger five matching symbols, you'll pick up a great win. When you manage to open all seven doors on one spin, then you'll be given a multiplier somewhere between x2 and x10. If you're really lucky, you might even pick up an x10 multiplier while having five hazard symbols on the board, and that triggers the progressive jackpot


Overall, I think I loved the creativity put into this game. The moving reels are unique and I loved the addition of the laser animation. I think the graphics were a very nuclear fallout and this is a good slot for users who are low rollers.